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Fender 5 Way Pickup Selector Switch for Stratocaster

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If you love guitar playing and are on a look out for the best and most economical solution to guitar learning, then you can opt for Ben Edwards' Jamorama. Its primary objective is to enable guitar learners, (irrespective of their skills levels - beginner, intermediate or advanced level learners) to learn playing guitar through perfect ear training and reading guitar tablatures. This cutting-edge program uses such simple teaching methodology, that even an 8 year old kid with a true passion for guitars, can easily use, comprehend and apply the principles learnt through this program with utmost ease and comfort.

When you purchase "Jamorama: The "Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit", you will be entitled to receive several useful features and bonuses, that will enable you to play the guitar flawlessly. These features include -

1. E-books: You will receive 4 well-written downloadable e-books - one for beginner level learners, another one for intermediate level learners, a third book for advance level learners and the fourth one for all levels, which speaks about guitar tuning. These books provide coherent and complete information about guitar playing and contain several illustrations and photographs for easier understanding. The textual matter is punctuated with learning aids in the form of symbols that indicate that a play along Jam track or an audio or video example relevant to that part of the lesson is available to the learner for viewing and for easier understanding.

2. Video Lessons: You will receive 148 video lessons with audio-visual format to illustrate each lesson correctly. These video lessons and audio/video demonstrations are of reasonably good quality and are well produced. They provide split screens which simultaneously show the right hand and left hand finger movements, as well as other illustrations such as the fret board with guitar tablatures.

3. Jam Along Tracks: These audio files allow the learner to play along with a backup band, practicing some of the best guitar licks and small guitar songs. This adds a lot of spice and an element of fun while practicing.

In addition, the program also offers several useful bonuses such as -

4. Guitar Tuner Pro - It is a guitar tuning software. In fact, it is the best digital tuner available in the market to tune your instrument accurately. It provides a proper tone for each string of several different types of guitars.

5. Guitar Ear It - It is a software game that provides a fun-filled way to transcribe music in your mind and sharpen your musical ear. It helps you in recognizing the sound of a chord and chord progressions. It is really very effective in improving your chord recognition skills.

6. Jamorama Metronome - It is a digital metronome which provides you with a steady beat in order to help you improve your rhythm, tempo and timing while practicing.

7. Jayde Musica Pro - It is a guitar learning software in the form of a creative game which sharpens your music reading skills as well as teaches you to recognize and record each different pitch and musical note in your mind. You would soon be able to identify the way in which each single note is denoted.

The best part about this program is that it is very user friendly and can be easily used both with Macintosh as well as with Windows PCs. As a result, you will soon learn to play your favorite guitar licks and popular songs even if you are at a very early stage into your guitar training program.

Guitar enthusiast, Jason C Diggs, writes quality, non-biased reviews on the net's top instructional guitar programs. His highest rating goes to Learn and Master Guitar, a highly recognized, extensive DVD guitar course. He also offers over 30 FREE video guitar licks at his site.

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